Ten years of helping people achieve their goals.

Compared to other forms of training, I know that incorporating boxing into your regular session is more rewarding. Not only does it toughen you up mentally and physically but it can also act as great stress relief in modern life!

As a former professional boxer I am able to offer something different in your training sessions. I guarantee that you will not be watching the clock while training!

1:1 Personal Training

One on one personal training designed around you.

  • £30.00 per single session.
  • 8 sessions over 4 weeks for £170.00 paid monthly (£80.00 discount).
  • 12 sessions over 4 weeks for £250.00 paid monthly (£110.00 discount).
  • Group sessions of 2 – 4 people for £15.00 each.

Contact me via email at contact@robertdoodypt.com to discuss.

Group Classes

Classes are in the gym and I am able to accommodate up to 20 people

Book a class with me by clicking here.



Contact Details

T: 07553 023748

E: contact@robertdoodypt.com


80 Lichfield Rd,

Walsall Wood,